Vienna, Austria: colourful autumn


Fall in Vienna_1

What is your favourite time of the year? Mine is when everything around turns yellow, orange, red, beige….Parks, streets, cites look magical with yellow carpet of leaves. Sun does not shine so often any more but those days when it does come out, those are just amazing moments of autumn that stay in my memory forever. I do not remember those grey, rainy days in autumn, I just remember those beautiful colours of fall.

Since three years I live near one of the most beautiful parks in Vienna, Türkenschanzpark. I love this park for its beauty in every season, but during fall this place turns into something absolutely unforgettable and magical. All photos here are takes last year on one sunny, happy october day. Unfortunately this year I would not be able to experience this beauty, as I am leaving for my southeast asian adventure in a few days. But I would like to share my memories of this beautiful place with you dreaming already of seeing it next year!

Fall in Vienna_2

Fall in Vienna_3

Fall in Vienna_4

Fall in Vienna_5

Fall in Vienna_6

Fall in Vienna_7
Fall in Vienna_9

Fall in Vienna_10

Fall in Vienna_11

Fall in Vienna_12

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