USA: magnificent Monument Valley


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There is something about mountains that always blows my mind away! Maybe it is the scale of that natural phenomena, or the quietness (something so unusual for our ears), or maybe it is the closeness to the sky or maybe all of those together? Anyhow, I always feel calm and relaxed there, its like I find my peace there.

During my USA-Trip we visited Monument Valley, located on the Arizona-Utah state line. Amazing place created by Mother Nature, absolutely breathtaking! Warm colours of red mountains during the sunset made me to fell in love with that place! Watching sun rising behind the hill creates amazing feeling of inner balance and harmony. I was sitting still without moving for an hour, watching the sun coming out of the horizon. It is truly an incredible place! It is my favourite place on earth!

The next day we drove to see Antelope Canyon, Horseshoe Band and Grand Canyon. Horseshoe Band and Grand Canyon: naturally created places with such a huge scale. I was siting still at the edge of the Grand Canyon, staring into the distance. There was this weird feeling that I never experienced before: your eyes see this massive canyon in front of you, but your mind blocks the fact that it can be so huge. And after awhile all the fear goes away and you are even ready to just step out and walk towards this beauty as your mind still can not except that this massive phenomena can be real. So for me Grand Canyon was not just a simple tourist must-see-attraction. There was something more to that…

Monument Valley_2Mountain Valley_3Monument Valley_4Mountain Valley_5Mountain Valley_6Mountain Valley_7Horseshoe Bend_1Horseshoe Bend_2Horseshoe Bend_3Horseshoe Bend_4Antelope Canyon_1Antelope Canyon_2Antelope Canyon_3Antelope Canyon_4Grand Canyon_1Grand Canyon_2Grand Canyon_3Grand Canyon_4Grand Canyon_5

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