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It has already been 5 months since I came to Australia, and I absolutely love it here. Australia is different and far away; thus, some of us know pretty much nothing about this side of the world. I must admit, I was one of those people before I arrived to Australia. Here are my 17 observation about the country of Kangaroos.

1. They wash dishes with a dish detergent and do not rinse it afterwards 
I have seen it as in hospitality (working in a cafe), as well as in a private household. They fill a sink with water, add detergent, wash the dishes inside and put them to drain. That is it! No rinsing the foam off the dishes!

2. They walk at home with their street shoes
I first saw it in Perth, when I stayed in the house of a friend. I saw it also in Melbourne in few houses. They walk into their house/apartment with the street shoes and they keep shoes on at home! The most shocking part for me is the fact that there is mostly carpeted floor in Australia, which, you can imagine, gets extremely dirty if walking with outside shoes!

3. They are super friendly and easy going
Australians are very friendly, easy going, and ready to help. It’s very easy to start a conversation and to chat with them. After spending a few month here, I can openly say that I feel comfortable living here. They are much more easy going then the Europeans or Russians.

4. They have their own way of saying English words
Aussie language is rather cute for someone who leaned English outside of Australia. There are even sort of Aussie-English dictionaries. Here are few examples: breakfast = breakki, toast = toasti, sunglasses = sunnies, hips = lots.

5. There are no sunscreen creams below protection factor 30
I have not seen any sunscreen creams with the protection level below 30! Moreover, I have seen sunscreens specially for tattoos! Australia seems to be very health concerned and cares about its people. Moreover, solariums are banned in Victoria state.

6. There are the most annoying and aggressive flies I have ever experienced 
Flies are everywhere, they are aggressive, annoying, flying all over you, sitting on your face, flying into your nose, ears and mouth, and there is no remedy to stop them! None of the sprays help. The only way that can save you from incidentally eating a fly is to cover your face with a net! Those flies are everywhere, at the beach, in the outback, and even in the city! Quite crazy!

7. They ask ‘how are you’ everywhere you go and say ‘no worries’ a lot
It might be unusual at first, but after you get used to that, it is a very nice habit. Saying no worries became my habit as well. The nicest part is that people do mean it, no problem, no worries.

8. They like to drink and go out, and it is very expensive
Friday and Saturday night is when you see most pubs, bars and restaurants full of people. They work hard, and they party hard. It is expensive to go drinking in Australia, expect to pay on average $9 for a beer, and $15 for a cocktail. And yes, Australians do drink a lot! I haven’t met a single OZ person who does not drink.

9. They are sporty and health concerned
You see very often good worked-out bodies around. Australians wear gym gear on the street, to the shops, in the supermarkets, and even when they go to work. It is quite common to change at work and go to the gym after they have finished. In many countries you would get a weird look going to supermarket in gym gear and all sweaty; in Australia it is normal.

10. Drinking water is available everywhere (u always get a glass bottle of drinking water in a cafe)
You can drink tap water in Australia. And you can get drinking water pretty much everywhere. There is even a water pipe with drinking water at almost all gas stations.

11. They work a lot and they work hard
People in Australia work a lot, they work on the weekdays, they work on the weekends, early hours, late hours. Life is expensive here, so in order to be able to support yourself, you have to work. I met many people who are working 6 days a week, or have 2 or 3 jobs.

12. They have the most developed banking system
Banking system is at the top level in Australia. You can transfer your money via user-friendliest app from your savings account to your regular one in just a second. Money transfer is done very easy and very fast. Each bank card has so called pay-pass or pay-wave; this is when you touch poss machine with your card and the transaction is done. No need for a pin code or a signature. For the security reason it has a limit of 100$.

13. They love tattoos 
As summer is coming to Melbourne, one can’t help but notice many tattooed bodies around. Some are really good tattoos, some are really bad ones. Many people have half- or full-sleeves, especially the guys love full-sleeve tattoos here.

14 Melbourne – THE place for coffee, amazing food, and great interior design
Melbourne is full of amazing cafes, restaurants and bars! Even the smallest and middle-of-nowhere cafe has an incredible interior design and the food is presented as in the most expensive and exclusive restaurant! The coffee here tastes amazing, it is said to be the best place for coffee in the world. The professional level of coffee makers, the baristas, is extremely high.

15. Australia is bigger than we think
Yes, Australia is big! It is almost as big as the whole European Union! When we, however, think about Australia, it is hard to imagine that this one country, located so far away from the rest of the world, is actually so big!

16. There are lots of kangaroos and spiders
True. But. I must admit I have not seen a spider bigger then 2cm and I have only seen one kangaroo from the distance in the dark so far. But, everyone keep on telling me there are a lot of them. Apparently there are lots of big, absolutely huge, spiders, as well as the wolds’ most poisonous ones. Maybe I am very lucky not to have encountered  any of them. And I must say, I am not complaining.

17. There are lots of Germans and almost no Russians 
This is just a small funny observation I have after 5 month in Australia: I have met lots of Germans here, mostly on their working holiday visas. I met, however, only few Russians living here and 2 tourists! It’s most probably because Russia does not have working holiday agreement with Australia. Plus I do believe Australia is too far away and too unknown part of the world for most Russians.

Come visit Australia, and come for more then just a few weeks! There is so much to discover here!

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