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Agung: the highest volcano in Bali


Agung Volcano in Bali

I climbed the highest volcano in Bali and 4th highest in Indonesia! It was long, tought and unbelievably cool: we spent 12 hours at the Mount Agung (from the start until the finish), slept under the sky full of stars, climbed extremely steep cliff (at some places 45 degrees) and observed incredible sunrise from the summit of 3000m. It was he most  physically difficult, but most incredible, thing I have ever done so far! When other tourists had left the summit and we stayed alone, I screamed from happiness! Read More →

Traveling in Java Part 3: Kawah Ijen


Kawah Ijen_1

If you are in Java and want to see something really spectacular, you should visit Kawah Ijen Volcano! It is an active volcano in East Java, not far away from Banyuwangi, the city from where you can take a ferry to go to Bali. Ijen volcano has the world’s largest acidic volcanic crater lake called Kawah Ijen. It is famous for its turquoise color. Read More →

Traveling in Java Part 2: Mount Bromo


Mount Bromo

Mount Bromo is one of the active volcanos in Indonesia and most probably one of the most popular travel destination in Java. I spent 3 night in the village Cemoro Lawang right next to Bromo and absolutely loved it. Having all the time I wanted to explore, relax, and enjoy Bromo and its beautiful surroundings. Here are traveling information and tips for your Bromo Trip.
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