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Agung: the highest volcano in Bali


Agung Volcano in Bali

I climbed the highest volcano in Bali and 4th highest in Indonesia! It was long, tought and unbelievably cool: we spent 12 hours at the Mount Agung (from the start until the finish), slept under the sky full of stars, climbed extremely steep cliff (at some places 45 degrees) and observed incredible sunrise from the summit of 3000m. It was he most  physically difficult, but most incredible, thing I have ever done so far! When other tourists had left the summit and we stayed alone, I screamed from happiness! Read More →

Bali: secret beach escape


Bali beach

Few days ago a friend of mine showed me one absolutely amazing place here in Bali. I thought I saw it all, but this place was totally new and totally blew up my mind. One can only get there at the very low tide and stay there only during the lowest tide. It basically means, just one hour in the morning and one hour in the evening (this was the case which tide levels in June 2015). Read More →

Philippines: 11 things you should know


Philippines childrenI spend an amazing one month in the Philippines. I am still unsure whether I can say I love Philippines, but I definitely had an amazing month. I met incredible local people, experienced the most beautiful beaches with crystal clear water and saw one of the world’s largest rice terraces. Philippines is very interesting and still untouched country, which is worth to visit. Here is my list of things you should know before going to Philippines. Read More →

Palawan escape: Coron and El Nido



I have started my Philippines adventure with Palawan. And since I did not want to leave Bali and Indonesia in general, I was not planning on writing any posts about that wonderful part of Philippines. When I, however, was looking back at my pictures from Coron and El Nido, I decided to share the beauty of those places with you.  Read More →

Banaue, green side of Philippines



I did not plan to go to Banaue, since I have already seen rice terraces in Bali and though ‘another rice terraces? No thank you!’ But I am so glad I did come to Banaue! Just 8-9 hours bus ride from Manila up to the north and you are in the middle of beautiful green rice terraces. My school friend came to visit me in Philippines, so we went together to explore the green part of this country. Read More →

Indonesia: 5 reasons why I felt in love with it



1. People
It is a common thing to think that people in Southeast Asia are friendly. I cannot agree more. So when I think about Indonesia, I only remember incredibly friendly people, their sincere smiles (especially those I experienced in Java), hospitality and readiness to help and show the way. Read More →

In love with sunsets: Bali, Indonesia


Bali Sunset

Do you like sunsets as I do? Bali is said to have the most beautiful sunsets! And I can not agree more! Since three weeks I have been hanging around Bali, mostly Bukit, the southern part of the island. I rented a bike for a month and every day I tried to go somewhere new searching for a nice spot. I must admit, most of the time I was looking for a nice spot to catch the sun! So here are my favorite sunset places around Bukit in Bali. Read More →

Flashback to Cameron Highlands, Malaysia



Flashback to Cameron Highlands, my favorite place in Malaysia, where I felt like at home. The place where I could breathe freely and fill my lungs with fresh mountain air. Yes, it was very cold at night! And yes, I slept in all my warm clothes plus the woolen scarf and the blanket. Yes, it has been raining everyday in the afternoon. And yes, I spent amazing 4 days there! I was in Cameron Highlands in January 2015 (sorry for the delayed post), but this place still remains the highlight of my one month stay in Malaysia. Read More →

Traveling in Java Part 3: Kawah Ijen


Kawah Ijen_1

If you are in Java and want to see something really spectacular, you should visit Kawah Ijen Volcano! It is an active volcano in East Java, not far away from Banyuwangi, the city from where you can take a ferry to go to Bali. Ijen volcano has the world’s largest acidic volcanic crater lake called Kawah Ijen. It is famous for its turquoise color. Read More →

Traveling in Java Part 2: Mount Bromo


Mount Bromo

Mount Bromo is one of the active volcanos in Indonesia and most probably one of the most popular travel destination in Java. I spent 3 night in the village Cemoro Lawang right next to Bromo and absolutely loved it. Having all the time I wanted to explore, relax, and enjoy Bromo and its beautiful surroundings. Here are traveling information and tips for your Bromo Trip.
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