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Most tasty food: my top 5

Indian food

1. India

I absolutely love Indian food! Especially, I love eating Indian food in India! It is a gastronomic paradise for me there! It tastes totally different from the Indian food abroad: so much better! I absolutely love going to small, typical Indian, non-touristy cafes/eateries, where you don’t see tourists, where they don’t speak English! At those places you get the best Indian food! The top Indian spot I have ever been to was in Amritsar! Oh, when I think about it, I am getting hungry! It was one amazing, but  traditional restaurant with the most tasty naan bread and curry ever! Me and my mom literally rolled out of the restaurant, happy and full!
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Most incredible places – my top 5


Monument Valley_new

1. Monument Valley (Utah, USA)

Magical, unbelievable, and surreal! I fell immediately in love with that place! My mind was blown away from that beauty…it just looked so unreal! When the sun went down, the colors changed from burning red to yellowish, creating a feeling of a parallel world. The shadows, created by the falling sun, were paradise for every photographer. Next morning, when the sun rose up behind the cliffs, Monument Valley suddenly had a different touch, covered in burning red colors. I’ll definitely have to go back there, for more sunsets and more sunrises. Read More →

Philippines: 11 things you should know


Philippines childrenI spend an amazing one month in the Philippines. I am still unsure whether I can say I love Philippines, but I definitely had an amazing month. I met incredible local people, experienced the most beautiful beaches with crystal clear water and saw one of the world’s largest rice terraces. Philippines is very interesting and still untouched country, which is worth to visit. Here is my list of things you should know before going to Philippines. Read More →

Indonesia: 5 reasons why I felt in love with it



1. People
It is a common thing to think that people in Southeast Asia are friendly. I cannot agree more. So when I think about Indonesia, I only remember incredibly friendly people, their sincere smiles (especially those I experienced in Java), hospitality and readiness to help and show the way. Read More →

Why do we travel?



Why do we travel? I do not mean those 2-3 weeks off-the-job traveling. I mean real traveling, when you devote a certain period of your life to traveling. I mean the kind of traveling where you leave something behind and go off to face the world. The kind of traveling where you do not know when you will be back or whether you will be back at all. Read More →

Those Vietnamese – how they are: my point of view



After spending one month in Vietnam, I had quite an opportunity to observe local people, their habits and manners. Here are few things about Vietnamese people I noticed during my traveling.

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