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In love with sunsets: Bali, Indonesia


Bali Sunset

Do you like sunsets as I do? Bali is said to have the most beautiful sunsets! And I can not agree more! Since three weeks I have been hanging around Bali, mostly Bukit, the southern part of the island. I rented a bike for a month and every day I tried to go somewhere new searching for a nice spot. I must admit, most of the time I was looking for a nice spot to catch the sun! So here are my favorite sunset places around Bukit in Bali. Read More →

Koh Chang: best spots for sunset



Koh Chang is one of the nearest island from Bangkok. It takes 6 hours with the bus or 4 hours with the mini bus from Bangkok till Trat, the city from where you would have to take the ferry. Depending on where the bus will drop you off, you either have to drive with the taxi another 40 min to the pier or just go to the ferry. Read More →