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7-days bike tour around Bali



Bali is not only about expensive resorts, beautiful temples and surfing. Bali has so much more to offer! If you are staying here longer then just a few days for a holiday and want to really see the island, pack a light backpack, rent a motorbike, and go around the island to see touristic and non-touristic spots! You will not regret it and you will love Bali even more! 7 days, 2 bikes, 2 happy travelers and a map full of beautiful spots around Bali. Read More →

Road trip from Orlando to Los Angeles


Daytona Beach_1

Visiting USA and not doing a road trip is like visiting Spain in summer and not going to the beach. Of course, it’s not a must, but not doing it would be somewhat unnatural. I had a great opportunity to take a road trip with my family from Orlando all the way to Las Vegas. 4950 kilometers, 9 day, 7 cities, 3 motels and lots of fun! From all those places that we visited during those 9 days, most incredible for me were New Orleans and Sedona.
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