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Escape the city: Dandenong Ranges


Dandenong Ranges_1

First time getting away from the city, my first spot outside of Melbourne – Dandenong Ranges…It’s green, it’s quiet, it’s beautiful…this is nature! I love Melbourne! I love it as it does not feel like a big city. But going back to nature is always different and relaxing. When you live in a big city, such nature-escapes are important. The other day my friends and i drove to Dandenong Ranges, and it turned out to be one amazing day!
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Indonesia: 5 reasons why I felt in love with it



1. People
It is a common thing to think that people in Southeast Asia are friendly. I cannot agree more. So when I think about Indonesia, I only remember incredibly friendly people, their sincere smiles (especially those I experienced in Java), hospitality and readiness to help and show the way. Read More →

Flashback to Cameron Highlands, Malaysia



Flashback to Cameron Highlands, my favorite place in Malaysia, where I felt like at home. The place where I could breathe freely and fill my lungs with fresh mountain air. Yes, it was very cold at night! And yes, I slept in all my warm clothes plus the woolen scarf and the blanket. Yes, it has been raining everyday in the afternoon. And yes, I spent amazing 4 days there! I was in Cameron Highlands in January 2015 (sorry for the delayed post), but this place still remains the highlight of my one month stay in Malaysia. Read More →

USA: magnificent Monument Valley


Monument Valley_1

There is something about mountains that always blows my mind away! Maybe it is the scale of that natural phenomena, or the quietness (something so unusual for our ears), or maybe it is the closeness to the sky or maybe all of those together? Anyhow, I always feel calm and relaxed there, its like I find my peace there.

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