Road trip from Orlando to Los Angeles


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Visiting USA and not doing a road trip is like visiting Spain in summer and not going to the beach. Of course, it’s not a must, but not doing it would be somewhat unnatural. I had a great opportunity to take a road trip with my family from Orlando all the way to Las Vegas. 4950 kilometers, 9 day, 7 cities, 3 motels and lots of fun! From all those places that we visited during those 9 days, most incredible for me were New Orleans and Sedona.

New Orleans not just has an amazing Jazz bars at Bourbon street, but a fascinating history. I would say it is not typical American city and one feel European flair in the architecture. There is of course a good explanation to that, as New Orleans has been under three flags and belonged to Spain, France and US. There is even district called French Quarter where you totally feel the European influence in the architecture. I really enjoyed New Orleans with its architecture, history, laid-back people, Jazz Pubs and much more.

Sedona is an esoteric center of America with amazingly beautiful mountains around. We arrived very late in the evening to our hotel and went straight to bed after a long day on the road. In the morning nice surprise was waiting for me as I opened the curtains of my hotel room. Beautiful red stoned mountains and baby blue sky! It was breathtaking! After short yoga session I went to explore the city, which unfortunately lasted only 1 hour, as we had to hit the road again to go to Las Vegas. But this one hour was enough to know for sure that I will be coming back to enjoy this city more!

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