Presents, packaging and post office in Rishikesh, India.



It is always nice to buy and receive presents, but it is even nicer to receive those from a foreign or exotic country. That is why I decided to get some presents for my family from India! I also heard that it is very easy to send the package from Rishikesh, as the post works pretty good here.

I saw 3 post offices in Rishikesh so far, but went to the one at … Street. There you can also get packing service 100 Rs (local Indian currency Rupees, equivalent to 76 Rs for 1 euro). For a bigger package of 2,4 kg I paid 1600Rs (21€), and the smaller package of 620 gr costed me 600Rs (8€). That was the total price including packing service and most probably the tip. Well, nobody said its gonna be cheap. Buying nice stuff is cheaper here then in Europe, but sending those is not. I was told it should take about 2 weeks for post to be delivered to Germany, and 20-24 days to Russia. Pretty fast for Europe I would say, not that fast to Russia. I also got the slip with tracking code. They are definitely up to date with technology here.

Well, that’s it for now!

Keep on dreaming, smile and buy sometimes presents (without particular reason) to those you love!


I love vintage looking packaging!





Packaging guy: works with pieces of old boxes and tape to create perfect package for sending abroad. I am sure my presents are going to be safe!




This guy has very important role: typing ‘to’ and ‘from’ info into computer and printing the slip with tracking code



Sweet treat we deserved after almost 1,5 hours at the post office :) yaaami. By the way, the black ball is Tibetan choco ball, and tastes amazing!

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