It’s India! It’s Dharamsala!


So… Where do I start?! I in India now, and since it is not my first time here (3rd to be exact) I’ve passed that point of cultural shock long time ago. But still every time I come to India I am amazed by how things are done here.
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Vienna, Austria: colourful autumn

Fall in Vienna_1

What is your favourite time of the year? Mine is when everything around turns yellow, orange, red, beige….Parks, streets, cites look magical with yellow carpet of leaves. Sun does not shine so often any more but those days when it does come out, those are just amazing moments of autumn that stay in my memory forever. I do not remember those grey, rainy days in autumn, I just remember those beautiful colours of fall.

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Southeast Asia – My Travel Plan

Southeast Asia

As some of you might already know, I am going to pursue my dream and go traveling. I’ve always been addicted to travel and exploring new countries, cultures and hidden places… A few weeks from now i am off to my big adventure to southeast asia. I’ve been asked what is actually my itinerary and my plan for those few month. After giving it some thought i must tell you the truth: i have no idea, i have no real plan or fixed itinerary. What i know for sure is the list of countries i would like to visit (plus/minus 1 country)

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USA: magnificent Monument Valley

Monument Valley_1

There is something about mountains that always blows my mind away! Maybe it is the scale of that natural phenomena, or the quietness (something so unusual for our ears), or maybe it is the closeness to the sky or maybe all of those together? Anyhow, I always feel calm and relaxed there, its like I find my peace there.

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Road trip from Orlando to Los Angeles

Daytona Beach_1

Visiting USA and not doing a road trip is like visiting Spain in summer and not going to the beach. Of course, it’s not a must, but not doing it would be somewhat unnatural. I had a great opportunity to take a road trip with my family from Orlando all the way to Las Vegas. 4950 kilometers, 9 day, 7 cities, 3 motels and lots of fun! From all those places that we visited during those 9 days, most incredible for me were New Orleans and Sedona.
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Oh San Francisco, it was so nice meeting you!

San Francisco_1

Even though I only spend 2,5 days in San Francisco, this short time cruising around the city made me to fell in love with it! Maybe there is something about its architecture, or maybe its people, or maybe the Mission district, where i was very lucky to find amazing host through couchsurfing to live during my stain SF. But this something had such a magic impact on me. To tell you the truth, this was my first couchsurfing experience and i can say with certainty: i’ll do couchsurfing again. Of course, San Francisco has its weird side with quite a bunch of weird people walking around, and there are maybe a couple of districts where you should not be wondering alone (even though i ended up walking around there by accident…uuppps). But overall, i did feel safe and welcomed in the city. People were willing to help if i looked lost and those ‘weird’ individuals are actually pretty harmless.

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