Eat on budget in Melbourne

Budget food in melbourne

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Australia: Grampians National Park


Grampians national park is a famous destination for exploring nature around Melbourne. In the beginning of January, me, my mom and two of my friends rented a car (check my other blog post for car rental details) and drove off for a two-day adventure to Grampians. I was the only driver, apart from the 3 hours when a friend of mine took over the wheel. I must say, it is quite easy to drive in Australia! Read More →

My 2015 in pictures

around the world

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Bali: what to see & where to go

Bali places

So many of my friends and people I met during my travel are going to Bali for christmas and new years. And i remembered that I once had an idea to make a post about my favourite places in the island of gods. So here it is, for those who want to see something interesting and not to get stuck only in Kuta ;) Read More →

Australia: Phillip Island wonder


I believe photos tell much more than words… Here are my photo impression from one day on the Philip Island. Truly amazing and beautiful place, and so peaceful. It is not touristically overcrowded and one can enjoy quiet beach and relaxing sound of the ocean. It is just 1,5 hour drive from Melbourne but it feels like a different planet. Am I crazy to want to go back there again?! Read More →

This unknown ‘weird’ Australia 


It has already been 5 months since I came to Australia, and I absolutely love it here. Australia is different and far away; thus, some of us know pretty much nothing about this side of the world. I must admit, I was one of those people before I arrived to Australia. Here are my 17 observation about the country of Kangaroos. Read More →

Great Ocean Road Adventure

Great ocean road

Great ocean road is one of the most touristic known attractions around Melbourne. And I totally understand the reason why! It is definitely the highlight of my Australian adventure so far when talking about nature! I absolutely loved it! I screamed so loud and jumped from happiness every time I stood on the top of a cliff and looked down at the powerful ocean. Me and my two friends rented a car and went for two days to explore that beautiful part of Australia! And we all absolutely loved it! Here are few facts and tips about our trip!
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Most tasty food: my top 5

Indian food

1. India

I absolutely love Indian food! Especially, I love eating Indian food in India! It is a gastronomic paradise for me there! It tastes totally different from the Indian food abroad: so much better! I absolutely love going to small, typical Indian, non-touristy cafes/eateries, where you don’t see tourists, where they don’t speak English! At those places you get the best Indian food! The top Indian spot I have ever been to was in Amritsar! Oh, when I think about it, I am getting hungry! It was one amazing, but  traditional restaurant with the most tasty naan bread and curry ever! Me and my mom literally rolled out of the restaurant, happy and full!
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Melbourne Diary: Fitzroy walk


Fitzroy, Fitzroy…I love Fitzroy so much! Fitzroy is a suburb in Melbourne and a very alternative one…It is said to be one of the hipster neighbourhoods in Australia, mecca for all cool and kooky. Brunswick street is one of the main streets in Fitzroy with lots of design stores, second hand shops, organic food shops, vegan cafes, and rustic restaurants. If you like hipster style, resale shops,  rustically designed cafes, and vintage feeling, that’s the place for you! Read More →

Escape the city: Dandenong Ranges

Dandenong Ranges_1

First time getting away from the city, my first spot outside of Melbourne – Dandenong Ranges…It’s green, it’s quiet, it’s beautiful…this is nature! I love Melbourne! I love it as it does not feel like a big city. But going back to nature is always different and relaxing. When you live in a big city, such nature-escapes are important. The other day my friends and i drove to Dandenong Ranges, and it turned out to be one amazing day!
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