Oh San Francisco, it was so nice meeting you!


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Even though I only spend 2,5 days in San Francisco, this short time cruising around the city made me to fell in love with it! Maybe there is something about its architecture, or maybe its people, or maybe the Mission district, where i was very lucky to find amazing host through couchsurfing to live during my stain SF. But this something had such a magic impact on me. To tell you the truth, this was my first couchsurfing experience and i can say with certainty: i’ll do couchsurfing again. Of course, San Francisco has its weird side with quite a bunch of weird people walking around, and there are maybe a couple of districts where you should not be wondering alone (even though i ended up walking around there by accident…uuppps). But overall, i did feel safe and welcomed in the city. People were willing to help if i looked lost and those ‘weird’ individuals are actually pretty harmless.

I came to SF without a plan of what i want to see, and my host made great suggestions of where i should go and where i should not. So if you are planning a trip to this amazing city, you definitely should visit Mission DIstrict for the taste of hippy/hipster atmosphere and Mission Dolores Park for the most beautiful view of the city. Please go to see Murals which tell you the history of Mission District thought amazing paintings on the walls from different artists. Look for Clarion Alley Mural Project and Balmy Street Murals. I absolutely loved them. Please don’t miss the walk to Coit Tower thought Peter Macchiarini Steps with its amazing view of the city. San Francisco has just so much more to offer: walk through Lombard Street to Russian Hill, China Town, Bike ride across Golden Gate Bridge, Italian District… i can keep on going on and on….I am so happy i decided to come there and see so much in just those 2.5 days! Thank you San Francisco for being so amazing!
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