My favourite Melbourne


Richmond, Victoria

1. Walking in Richmond

Richmond is by far my favourite suburb in Melbourne. I absolutely love everything about it: streets with cute Victorian style houses, amazing cafes with beautiful interior design and yummy food, Victoria street with many Asian restaurants  for different budgets, numerous Asian grocery stores and markets where you can get fresh veggies and fruits for a reasonable price. Richmond is very close to the city, you can reach the CBD by foot in 30 mins. Easy! It is also close to my other favourite area – Fitzroy: 30 min by foot and you are in the middle of hipster district of Melbourne. Richmond is not only full of Asian food places but also plenty of amazing & stylish cafes and restaurants all around the suburb. And, there is my favourite furniture store IKEA in the suburb right next to Richmond.





2. Asian food in Richmond

Yes, Victoria street in Richmond is widely known for its Asian food places. Vietnamese Pho Soup, Thai Green Curry or Korean BBQ? You name it, it’s all here! And prices are very friendly as well. If you have been traveling around Southeast Asia and miss Asian food, that’s where you should go. Food tastes here like in Asia, so good and yummy. Some places got BYO, which stands for bring your own drink and alcohol. How amazing is that?! If you want to celebrate your friends birthday, grab a bottle of wine from the liquor store and go to the restaurant on Victoria street, ask for glasses and enjoy you meal with it! Sweet!

Asian Food in Richmond_4

Asian Food in Richmond_3

Asian Food in Richmond_1


3. Evening lights of CBD

CBD stands for central business district and that’s where all the tall, glass buildings are located. The magic starts when it gets dark: the reflection of the lights on the Yarra river looks absolutely stunning. Such an amazing and a beautiful sight. You feel like you are in a modern fairytale. The best spot for a breathtaking urban picture is if you cross the river and walk towards the Crown casino. The view from there is stunning.



Fireballs Crown Casino Melbourne

4. Picnic next to Fireballs in Southbank

Every night you can observe fire shots right next to the Crown casino. There are few tall tubes along the riverbank shooting fire every hour when it gets dark. And I must tell you, it is such an amazing feeling to stand next to it. And it’s definitely the coolest picnic place I have ever been. Drinking wine with the gorgeous view over Melbourne at night and fire shooting out of those pipes is truly something to try out!

Fitzroy, Victoria_4

5. Street art in Fitzroy

Street art is a big thing in Melbourne, it is everywhere and it is amazing. There are so many talented artists around! Walking around the city and looking for street art is like a treasure hunt. Fitzroy is a cool, hipster area with lots of cool shops with hand-made goods, stylish local brands, funky cafes & restaurant and yes…many amazing street art spots. Many of the cafes and restaurants would invite an artist to paint on their outside walls. You can easily spend the whole day walking around Fitzroy spotting different shops and beautiful street art.




St. Kilda Sunset_1

6. St. Kilda sunsets

I love sunsets! For me, all sunsets are stunning and I can watch them over and over again, without getting tired… One of my favourite spots to watch the sunset in Melbourne is at the St. Kilda beach. Yes, it gets very crowded in summer and you will be watching sunsets together with hundreds of other people. But if you go there around spring or late summer, maybe on a not so warmer day, you’ll be surrounded by fewer people. The area to the left from the Luna Park is usually less crowded and there are many sunsets that I’ve seen from there in peace. I used to have sunset-sundays: I used to go down to St. Kilda beach each Sunday after work to watch the sunset. It was a beautiful way to end the week, recharge my batteries and breath in sea air.

St. Kilda Sunset_2

St. Kilda Sunset_3

St. Kilda Sunset_4

Brighton bathing houses_1

7. Brighton bathing houses

Brighton beach is another beautiful and not that touristic beach spot around Melbourne, bit further away than St. Kilda, so the beach is less crowded. It does, however, get quite busy around famous bathing houses, which are those bright and colourful houses along the beach line. Perfect spot for a creative picture as well. These bathing boxes were built in the 40’s for people spending the day on the beach. Brighton bathing houses are now listed as a heritage and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to own one. I went there a few times to see the sunset as well, and it is truly beautiful. Especially when the sun sets down and most of the people start leaving, that place becomes so peaceful and magical.

Brighton bathing houses_3

Brighton bathing houses_4

Brighton bathing houses_2

Melbourne cafes_1

8. Cafes, cafes, cafes

Melbourne is all about trendy, stylish, cozy cafes with amazing interior design and food presentation. It could be a famous, busy cafe in CBD or a small, cozy cafe middle of a residential area – all of those would have amazing coffee and gorgeous food presentation. Cafes are everywhere, and even after a year of staying in this city, I still have not had a chance to visit all of them (considering that I love going to cafes and keep on doing it regularly!). It is said, that you are a true Melbournian, when you look in Instagram and research online for the next cafe to go for brunch with your friends. I guess, I can call myself a Melbournian then. I used to do a list of my favourite cafes in the city but I gave up, as I do like 95% of all the cafes I have visited.

Melbourne cafes_3


Melbourne cafes_4

Melbourne CBD_1

9. CBD walk & street art

One of my favourite things to do is walk around CBD, along small busy lanes and search for street art. There are few streets in CBD full of graffiti and street art. Some of those streets are very busy, popular and very touristy, some are less busy, quite yet with amazing and beautiful artistic works. Perfect spots for taking cool pictures. I remember, once we randomly found one of such non-busy street-art lanes and ended up spending an hour, taking pictures and looking through different art on the walls.

Melbourne CBD_4

Melbourne CBD_2

Melbourne CBD_3

Shrine of Remembrance_1

10. Shrine of Remembrance

Another cool spot with lots of space, lots of blue sky and an amazing view over Melbourne which I recently discovered. Shrine of Remembrance is a memorial to the men and women of Victoria who served in World War I and is now a memorial to all Australians who have served in war. Don’t forget to go up the stairs where you can observe the beautiful view over CBD of Melbourne with its high buildings and green park area in front of the memorial.

Shrine of Remembrance_3

Shrine of Remembrance_2

Shrine of Remembrance_4

***Come to Melbourne! Fall in love with Melbourne!***

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