Mui Ne: 5 things to do and see



Mui Ne, just 5-6 hours with sleeper bus from Ho Chi Minh City. Located along the eastern coast line in Vietnam, Mui Ne offers many attractions and interesting places to explore. Here are my top 5 things to do and see in Mui Ne.


1. White Sand Dunes
It is quite a ride to get from Mui Ne to the White Sand Dunes (25km) but it is definitely worth it. Do not be lazy and get up very early to see the sunrise there! The sun went up around 5:15 when I was there in November 2014, so we started at 4:30. Yes, it is early, but you would not regret it. It is like a desert in the middle of the country surrounded by green grass and small blue lake. It is truly one of the wonders of our nature.



2. Fairy Stream
We first heard about this place as Red Canyon, and yes it does look like small canyon abit. This place is another wonder of nature to be found in Mui Ne. One starts walking down the small stream first, but as it gets bigger the amazing view of red limestone formations will blow your mind. Beautiful color combination of red stones, blue sky and green trees make the walk unforgettable. I have not seen anything like that before.



3. Red Sand Dunes
Another amazing spot for the sunrise or sunset in Mui Ne. It is much closer then White Sand Dunes and you can even take local bus from Mui Ne central street that will bring you here. Try to avoid visiting it during the day, as it does get extremely hot. Moreover, the light of rising and falling sun creates unbelievably beautiful shades and colors.



4. Sunset at Cham Towers
Beautiful spot for history lovers and sunset observers. It is maybe the only historically interesting sight near Mui Ne. Cham Towers were build around 8th century as the part of the temple complex, three towers remain until today and are still in a good shape. Cham Towers are also great spot for catching sunset with the beautiful view of the river and Phan Thiet City.



5. Kitesurfing
Mui Ne is a perfect place to learn kitesurfing! There are number of beaches with good wind and lots of space for both beginners and profis. You can choose from the variety of kitesurfing schools around Mui Ne with quite affordable prices and good instructors.


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