Most tasty food: my top 5

Indian food

1. India

I absolutely love Indian food! Especially, I love eating Indian food in India! It is a gastronomic paradise for me there! It tastes totally different from the Indian food abroad: so much better! I absolutely love going to small, typical Indian, non-touristy cafes/eateries, where you don’t see tourists, where they don’t speak English! At those places you get the best Indian food! The top Indian spot I have ever been to was in Amritsar! Oh, when I think about it, I am getting hungry! It was one amazing, but  traditional restaurant with the most tasty naan bread and curry ever! Me and my mom literally rolled out of the restaurant, happy and full!

Vietnamese food

2. Vietnam

Vietnamese food – delicious and quite healthy! They use lots of greens, like fresh coriander, basil and other greens I don’t even know the name of. A typical meal is a bowl of soup with glass noodles (from rice) and some sort of meat or shrimps and lots of greens on the top! Some chili and lime on the side. Vietnamese make the best fresh rolls with shrimps and rice paper! They do not use a lot of oil,  the food is fairly light and healthy but still fulfilling because of the noodles. And they top it with crushed peanuts! Oh my gosh! So good! The best, absolutely the best meal I ate in Vietnam was in Ho Chi Minh City at Behn Thanh Market: chicken bowl with greens and fresh shrimp rolls! So yummy and healthy!

Thai food

3. Thailand

Yes, yet another Asian country on my list. Not the last one as well! Thai food is amazing, those curries are to die for! Green curry with chicken or shrimps is my favourite one! They use kefir lime leaves, and those make curry taste so good! The best green curry I have ever tried was in one small restaurant in Haad Rin Beach, Koh Phangan! In general, Thai food is quite heavy and greasy; they use lots of oil and coconut milk, and most of the food is fried. But one can find healthy stuff around. There are lots of fresh juices and smoothies, papaya, and fruit salads! Thai people also use peanuts to top some of their dishes! Yummy!

Indonesian food

4. Indonesia

I guess Indonesia just wins it all: I love the country, 2 most favourite places I have visited are in Indonesia and I love Indonesian food! Yes, they eat lots of rice (as any other southeast Asian country), but they have so much more! They use lots of soya products (yeah, proteins!), such as tofu and tempeh! Tempeh, the soya bean cake, is absolutely my favourite! I can eat it every day! There are small eateries everywhere around Indonesia. At least that’s how it was in Bali and Java. And almost always there are some sort of veggies! Usually Indonesian food is spicy, so be careful there! I remember that amazing eatery (Warung) in Bali with a large selection of different kind of fish, meat, soya, and veggies! And brown rice! Price depends on what you put on your plate, but I never paid more then 2€! And it all tastes just so good!

Japanese food

5. Japan

Nope, I have not been to Japan yet. But yes, I love Japanese food. I love sushi, all kind of rice dishes they have (the ones I tried in the restaurants). My Japanese friend/roommate used to receive a big box of snacks, nuts and interesting looking teas from her parents from back home. I remember I liked everything she that was in those boxes. I remember those rice cakes with some sort of bean filling inside! I remember crunchy balls with peanuts! So tasty! I really like miso soup as well! And the food I have tried always seemed so healthy! Definitely have to get to Japan very soon!

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