Melbourne Diary: CBD walk


CBD Walk

I remember, how I woke up one day in Thailand and took the decision to move to Melbourne. I remember, that I had a dream about living in this amazing city, being happy and feeling at home…I remember how, after that dream, I knew for a fact that I was going to come and settle down in Melbourne. And here I am, three weeks after my arrival here, and I do not regret a single moment of it. I love Melbourne! I love this city for its streets art, relaxed and chilled atmosphere, hipster vibe, modern cafes, beautiful parks and positive energy. I love this city for giving me already (I repeat, it has been only 3 weeks since I got here) home, work and amazing friends. I am so happy to be here!

I have decided to do an ‘explore Melbourne’ day at least once a week, when I grab my camera, put on my most comfortable shoes and go discovering new places and new spots. Here is the first part of my ‘explore Melbourne’ diary: the CBD walk suggested by my dear university friend Sara. By the way, CBD stands for Central Business District, the heart of Melbourne.

The walk:

>> Start at Flinders street and Degraves lane. Walk down Degraves and turn right onto Flinders lane. Have coffee at Journal Cafe (which is next to the Melbourne city library).
>> Then cross at the pedestrian crossing at the Mallorca building and walk down that lane (with all the cafés).
>> Cross Collins street and turn left. Go into the Block arcade. Turn right at Haighes chocolates and go down Block place.
>> Cross the street and go into the Royal arcade. Cross Bourke street and turn left. Go up Bourke street.
>> At the Mc Donalds, turn right into Hardware lane. Walk all the way to Little Lonsdale.
>> Turn right and go to the 1000 £ bend for coffee and an interesting space. It’s an amazing cafe with a relaxed vibe, where you can sit with your laptop and enjoy free wifi and nice music.

Enjoy and come visit Melbourne!

Degrades Street Melbourne_1

Degrades Street Melbourne_2

Degrades Street Melbourne_3


Centro Espresso Cafe


Degrades Street Melbourne_5

Degrades Street Melbourne_6

Melbourne cafes_1

Melbourne cafes_2

Melbourne shop_1

Happy socks

Made in Melbourne

Melbourne shop_2

Abstraction Melbourne


Melbourne streets

Melbourne Streets_2

Melbourne Streets_3

Melbourne streets_7

Melbourne cafes_2

Melbourne cafes_4

Melbourne cafes_3

Melbourne streets_8

Melbourne streets_6

Melbourne streets_5

Melbourne streets_4

1000 pound bend_1

1000 pound bend_2

1000 pound bend_3

5 Thoughts on “Melbourne Diary: CBD walk

  1. Sara on 21. August 2015 at 9:02 said:

    Wow! It is my favourite walk, and you have captured it so beautifully! You really have an eye for seeing the essence of a place through a lens. Amazing! :)

  2. Vintagehbl on 26. March 2019 at 21:23 said:

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  3. BlackVuenfh on 28. March 2019 at 0:22 said:

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  4. Fingerboardqds on 28. March 2019 at 10:57 said:

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