Marrakech and I am in love


This city is full of colours, bright, beautiful colours. But one color will definitely stay in your mind forever as the association with this city – coral red, as the colour of walls in the old city of Marrakech. Ahhh, I am in love with those walls! You will find many other beautiful colours are all around Marrakech: deep blue color in the garden of Jardin Majorelle, silver shiny colour of tea pots, golden colour of lanterns, colourful dresses of women, colours of spices, perfumed stones, teas, pots, plates, jewellery…the list doesn’t end…I don’t remember seeing such a wide range of colours in any other place. It’s magic!

– Smells-
This country smells different! The air smells different. I can not explain how and why I say so, but if you are one of those people who can differentiate the smell of the air, you will know what I mean. Then you walk to the city…and there are so many more different and unique smells all around. The smell of spices (cardamom, cumin, chilli, curcuma, coriander), smell of teas (mint, blank, herb), smell of fresh fruits, smell of just picked mandarins, smell of different oils, smell of burned incense, smell of fresh bread.

Medina, old city of Marrakesh, was a paradise for my eyes to observe beautiful things. But most of all I remember those amazing hand-made golden and silver lanterns! I had to stay very strong not to take one with me back home. Those lanterns looks stunning with the light on, like in a fairytale. Small, big, round, long-shaped, flat – all the forms you want, just name it! Truly beautiful piece of craftsmanship.

Oooo my heart belongs to Marrakech and the city of cats. So many cats, very beautiful cats, with fluffy tails, blue eyes, many are with a very clean fur. Some are, of course, looking dirty and some do look sick, but I have not seen a hungry and skinny looking cat. It is a paradise for cats: locals are very gentle with them, they feed cats and I have not seen anyone yelling at cats. And, most probably, one of the reasons for this big cat population is very few dogs, almost no dogs at all.

I can not say I loved Moroccan food, but it was a big pleasure to try new cousin. And I loved avocado salat and avocado juice! Maybe I was there during avocado season, but so many avocados, and so many good ones! Every meal comes with bread and olives as a starter. Every breakfast is served with special bread, traditional oily pancakes, yogurt, jam, butter, and of course a silver pot of Moroccan mint tea. After 4th day of eating bread and pancakes I was looking forward for my regular fruit breakfast and veggie lunch!

Marrakech is full of cafes and restaurants with rooftop terraces. All the buildings in old part of the city are similar hight. You can have an amazing view from rooftop terrace over the city of pink buildings. We found few lovely cafes with amazingly designed terraces and relaxing atmosphere. December was a perfect month to travel to Marrakech, very warm sun but not too hot: perfect temperature for rooftop cafe and a glass (or two) of traditional mint tea.

We all heard about Moroccan mint, right? Well, tea drinking is a big culture here. Teas are served from beautiful shiny silver pots and are pored into small glass in such a way, so that it makes bubbles (by lifting the pot higher and higher while poring). Teas are very strong, as Moroccan people put lots of mint and other herbs. It is so strong, that it is hard to drink without sugar or honey. Tea is served sweetened already, so you have to mention ‘no sugar’ if you want without. Apparently, it is impolite to deny the invitation for a tea. One has to drink at least 3 glasses of tea, and can refuse the refill after the third glass only.

Ah those beautiful palaces with extensive gardens, colourful mosaics on the floor and walls, gorgeous wood carvings in the ceilings. Marrakesh has so many beautiful palaces. Massive walls but yet so delicate, lot of open space with lots of colours and lots of light. The style of Moroccan palaces is so unique and so different from what I have seen before. It left such a huge impression on me.

Walking those narrow pink alleys of Medina, is like searching for treasure around the city. Some of those streets are so narrow that you can touch both walls with your bended hands. Some streets are wider, fitting a person and a motorbike passing by on a high speed (high enough for those streets, of course). But most of all I fell in love with that colour, coral-red colour of Marrakesh walls. It is very easy to get lost around Medina with its wide network of alleys and many vendors selling carpets, scarfs, lanterns, silk dresses, spices and much more.

I usually do not eat bread or pastry and I am not a big fan of bread in general. But Marrakesh with its traditional moroccan bread and all kind of other pastry captured my stomach. Traditional moroccan breakfast always has at least one kind of pancakes. My favourite ones were square-shaped butter pancakes called m’semen (similar to Malaysian roti). Each meal is also served with bread which pretty much replaces cutlery. Crust is used to scoop the food on your plate. Oh yes, Moroccan people know how to prepare bread!

*** Visit Morocco, fell in love with Marrakesh ***

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