Indonesia: 5 reasons why I felt in love with it



1. People
It is a common thing to think that people in Southeast Asia are friendly. I cannot agree more. So when I think about Indonesia, I only remember incredibly friendly people, their sincere smiles (especially those I experienced in Java), hospitality and readiness to help and show the way. I remember riding our scooters around Central Java, and passing by small villages on our way, local people would smile, kids would wave to us and scream ‘hi mister/hi miss’. I remember receiving big smile every time locals would see us. I remember how local school kids all wanted to take pictures with us in Boroburdur and literally surrounded us to get photographed with us. I remember when we stopped by at some local food eatery on the way to Dieng Plateau for the second time, and the lady remembered us and was so happy to see us! Of course asking us to take picture with her family.

2. Nature
Indonesia has an amazing, beautiful, magnificent and breathtaking nature! I fell in love with its volcanos, lakes, rice terraces, mountains, sunrises, and sunsets. I stood at the edge of active volcano Bromo, when the grey smoke of sulfur was coming out of it, I went inside the crater of active volcano in Ijen and saw the world’s most rare blue flame, I saw breathtaking sunrises with the view of Volcano Agung, the 4th highest volcano in Indonesia. I climbed Volcano Batur and walked along the edge above the clouds. I found favorite sunset spots in Bali. I saw beautiful lakes from the top of some random road, I drove along tea plantations in Dieng Plateau, I saw so much, but still saw so little. Indonesia is beautiful!

3. Food
I love Indonesian food! There are lots of local eateries (called Warung), with different varieties of meat, fish and vegetarian stuff. I am not a meat eater, so I can not say anything about the meat dishes in Indonesia, but the vegetarian ones are great! They got lots of tofus in all kind of different cooking styles. And they have tempeh, traditional soya bean cake, with which I absolutely felt in love and can eat tons of it! It is a perfect source of protein, as 100g of tempeh contains 19g of protein. Mostly it is served deep fried, but if you want a healthy tempeh, you can find it cooked or smoked (I assume black tempeh i tried is smoked one). Almost every eatery has tofu and tempeh. In general food is cheap in Indonesia (1-2€), and if you search a bit, you can always find veggies. And most importantly it tastes good!

4. Safety
I felt very safe at all times in Indonesia. When I first landed in Yogyakarta and went by public bus (I was the only foreigner in the bus) my mind was a bit scared: new country, new people, new traditions. But already after 5 min on that bus I got so many sincere smiles that all of my fear disappeared. For the rest 56 days in the country I felt save and never in danger. Also riding my scooter late at night in Bali I did not feel danger. I have only positive experience with locals, and have never seen anything bad happening.

5. Costs
Traveling in Indonesia is good for budget explorers. If you search a little bit, you can find cheap accommodation, food and fruit. Accommodation on average costs 10€ for a room. Do the math if there are 2 of you. Do not, however, expect luxury…it is rather very basic accommodation, but usually with cold showers and wifi. In Java, for instance, cleaning standards of the rooms are rather far away from European, but survivable. While traveling in Java we were always stopping at the local markets to get fruit. If you feel the price is overrated, say you have been traveling around for a while and know the real prices. That had always worked for me and the price would drop right away. Indonesia has great local food with lots of cheap eateries. On average I spend 1€ for a meal, which was most of the time very tasty.

I absolutely fell in love with this country! And I know I will be coming back for more!

Travel, smile and go to Indonesia***

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