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Bali Sunset

Do you like sunsets as I do? Bali is said to have the most beautiful sunsets! And I can not agree more! Since three weeks I have been hanging around Bali, mostly Bukit, the southern part of the island. I rented a bike for a month and every day I tried to go somewhere new searching for a nice spot. I must admit, most of the time I was looking for a nice spot to catch the sun! So here are my favorite sunset places around Bukit in Bali.

Pura Segara cliff_1

1. Pura Segara cliff
(Coordinates: 8°46’49.1″S 115°08’30.6″E)

I am in love with this spot and it is still kind of a secret place. When I say secret, I mean as secret as it can get for Bali. You will still see people around but not too many. It is Bali, there are people always and everywhere! This place is quite famous among locals for wedding photoshoots, but even though one can still enjoy the quietness and easily find a place to sit down and enjoy the view. Be sure to come here at least one hour before sunset, as the view from the cliff is fantastic. There is also a way to the beach if you like to catch the sunset from there. This place is only open until 7pm; don’t be surprised if the guard asks you to leave and closes the gate.

Pura Segara cliff_2

Pura Segara cliff_3

Balangan Beach_1

2. Balangan Beach
(Coordinates: 8°47’23.6″S 115°07’30.6″E)

I really like this spot: the cliff to the right from balangan beach is perfect to catch sunset. You can drive with the bike till the cliff, and if you are lucky, there would not be many people around. The spot is however quite famous among locals and also for wedding photography. I like to sit at the edge of the cliff, looking down at the powerful waves hitting the beach line underneath my feet and the sun setting in front of me.

Balangan Beach_2

Balangan Beach_3

Balangan Beach_4

Kuta beach_1

3. Kuta Beach
(Very famous, no coordinates needed)

Kuta is a very famous beach in Bali, both for sunsets and surfing beginners. It is a long beachline where you can always find a place to enjoy the sunset. Be prepared to be around maaaaany other people, as it is the most touristic spot in Bali, especially among backpackers and party crowd. But besides the crowded beach, surf schools and all kind of beach sellers, Kuta offers a beautiful spot for sunset! It is even more beautiful when there is low-tide, making the beach wider and creating a beautiful reflection of the falling sun in the wet sand.

Kuta beach_2

Kuta beach_3

Kuta beach_4

Single Fin Bali_1

4. Single Fin Bar @ Bluepoint
(Coordinates: 8°48’53.8″S 115°05’20.1″E)

Nice bar with chilling atmosphere, facing the ocean and sunset. The beach down the stairs is a famous spot for professional surfers, not for beginners. Enjoy the sun falling behind the horizon, with pleasant music and a drink. Single Fin is not the only bar at the cliff with the sunset view, but I really like the atmosphere here and it is one of the highest one. If you want a good spot for sunset, come a bit earlier as it is a well known place in Bukit and gets full very fast. Single Fin is also famous for its Wednesday’s and Sunday’s parties. Sundays are usually very crowded with few dance floors and different types of music.

Single Fin Bali_2

Single Fin Bali_3

Single Fin Bali_4

Enjoy sunsets, enjoy Bali***

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