Great Ocean Road Adventure


Great ocean road

Great ocean road is one of the most touristic known attractions around Melbourne. And I totally understand the reason why! It is definitely the highlight of my Australian adventure so far when talking about nature! I absolutely loved it! I screamed so loud and jumped from happiness every time I stood on the top of a cliff and looked down at the powerful ocean. Me and my two friends rented a car and went for two days to explore that beautiful part of Australia! And we all absolutely loved it! Here are few facts and tips about our trip!

Where to rent a car and how much it costs:
We use BC Car Rental in Southbank ( Automatic car costed us 160$ for 2 days including the second driver and insurance. We drove around for 2 days and used up exactly one full tank of fuel, which cost us 59$ to refill when we got back to Melbourne.

Where to sleep cheap if you don’t have camping gear (like us):
We slept in a very nice place called Bimbi Park Camping Under Koalas. Yes, there are koalas around, and yes, you can see them just few meters away from you, living their regular koalas’ life. We rented a small camping pod with 1 double and a single bed and 1 chair inside for just 50$ (no power, no lighting, no linen or pillows). It was a perfect solution, as it protected us from rainy and windy night. And most importantly, it was warm inside, so we did not need any blankets or sleeping bags. I absolutely loved it. The camping ground had showers and toilets which we could use freely, as well as communal kitchen and cute koalas.

Bimbi Park Camping Under Koalas

My favorite lookouts

Point Addis lookout
(Google maps coordinates: -38.395302 144.2538)
First lookout and first positive emotions and happy screaming! There were just a few people around, which made the whole experience truly magnificent. .

Great ocean road_1

Great ocean road_2

Great ocean road_3

Great ocean road_4

Great ocean road_5

Great ocean road_6

Great ocean road_7

Great ocean road_8

Great ocean road_9

Random lookout on the way:
(Google maps coordinates: -38.575423 143.95887)
I absolutely loved this lookout. There was no sign (or maybe we just missed it), with just a few cars parked at the side of the road. Very beautiful place with the view over the cliff and powerful waves crushing against the stones. We sat on the wall facing the cliffs and the ocean, all quiet and calm, staring into the faraway, breathing in fresh ocean air. Loved it!

Great ocean road_10

Great ocean road_11

Great ocean road_12

Great ocean road_13

Great ocean road_14

Great ocean road_15

Great ocean road_16

Gibbons beach lookout
(Google maps coordinates: -38.668628 143.1121)
Lookout with a large car parking and a beautiful view: amazing cliffs, ocean and powerful waves. You can also go down to the beach depending on the weather conditions. The way to the beach was closed when we were there, as it was windy and lots of waves. We did see, however, people at the beach, so I guess there is a way to sneak in. You can leave your car at the parking lot and walk to the highlight of the great ocean road – the 12 apostles. It is around 2km walk through the field. If its sunny and hot, it might be burning during the walk as there is almost no shade. So take your sun protection with you! For us it was perfect weather conditions, with clouds and a bit of sun.

Great ocean road_16

Great ocean road_17

The 12 Apostles Lookout
Well well, this is what the great ocean road is famous for! And I must admit, I totally understand why! It is truly beautiful place…those massive stones coming out of turquoise water, fresh breeze, and the ocean…and massive, powerful ocean. I am so in love with that place! Even though it was a bit crowded and the weather was not sunny, I did not care…it was magnificent!

Great ocean road_18

Great ocean road_20


Great ocean road_21

Mount Leura Lookout
(Google maps coordinates: -38.244455 143.157705)
This was a total surprise for us: we were driving to the lake lookout and ended up at this spot which looked like another planet, another world. So truly beautiful and peaceful, no human or industrial noise, just the sound of the wind, burning sun and crazy flies flying around! I was absolutely fascinated by this place! Do not miss it if you are doing great ocean road escape!
Go see something beautiful, scream loud, and be happy!





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