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Penang, Malaysia

The process to get Indonesian visa for 60-day is very easy and straight forward. I’ve done it last year in Johor Bahru, Malaysian city near the boarder with Singapore. This year, due to my luck of attention to details and forgetting to count the days between my flights, I had to get 60-days visa again. I have heard that Indonesian embassies in bigger cities, like Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok or Singapore do not issue 2-month visa. It was very easy to get one in Johor Bahru, besides the fact that I felt very uncomfortable and unwelcome in that city. So here are some notes on how to get 60-days Indonesian visa in George Town, Penang. 

Adress and opening hours of Indonesian Embassy

467 Jalan Burma, 10350 Penang
official Website:
(you won’t find much information there)

Working hours:
Monday-Thursday – 9:00 am-17:00 pm (Break – 13:00-14:00 pm)
Friday – 9:00 am-17:30 pm (Break – 12:30-15:00 am)

Before going there, check for public holidays in Indonesia, Malaysia and Penang.

How to get there

Take a bus 101 or 103 until Gurney Plaza and walking for 1,1km. Bus fair is 1,40 ringgit. Prepare exact amount, as no change is given on the bus. Get off on this stop (I don’t think it’s the Gurney Plaza stop, its the one not far from H&M (Google map point: 5.433218,100.312500). Download offline maps called! Indonesian embassy is indicated there. I suggest to go in the morning, so to catch still relatively cool Penang air.

Indonesian consulate in Penang

I arrived at 9:15 am and there was a huge line to get inside the embassy. Took me around 25 min to finally get inside the building. Go to counter 6 (or look for a sign that says Visa). You’ll get a form to fill in. Give it back with all the documents to the same counter. I got the number, and was asked to wait to be called in, which lasted another 15 min. Got called back to counter 6 to pay for the visa (190 ringgit) and told to be back the next day. Passport with 60-day Indonesian visa was ready the following day from at 10. All in all the whole application process took me 1 hour.

What you need for your visa

– passport
– passport copy
– 1 photo
– ticket to Indonesia (I also had my tickets out of Indonesia, so I submitted a copy as well)
– fill in the application
– 190 ringgit (applied on 18.04.2016)

Indonesian visa in penang

Indonesian Visa

Tips on getting Indonesian visa

– wear long pants and long sleeves. No open knees and shoulders are allowed. Indonesia is a Muslim country, so please respect it by dressing appropriately.
– prepare to wait, as it is quite busy in Indonesian embassy in Penang. Last year I got my visa in Jahor Bahru with much less waiting time.
– if you came around 9:30, line to get to the embassy is usually shorter. The next day I came at 9:45 and was able to walk straight in without waiting.

What to do and see in Penang

If you are in Penang and have a spare day or two, definitely spend some time discovering amazing street art, try indian vegetarian food or go to hindu temple . Here are some amazing places to visit in Penang.

2 Thoughts on “Getting Indonesian visa in Penang

  1. Hi Katharina, thanks to your helpful article I was able to get everything done quickly and easily. The fare is now RM205, not RM190 (as of March 2017). We arrived at 11am, left at 11.15am. Quickest visa ever done ! They didn’t care about my pictures which didn’t have a red background, and didn’t ask for address and referee in Indonesia either. We took an Uber to get there (RM4 from near Ferry terminal), Grab was also around that price, probably because of a promo code but that’s my point : it’s worth checking.

  2. Adam Jonathan Radcliff on 8. August 2017 at 15:03 said:

    We went yesterday and applied as above. We paid the money and came back the next day to collect.. but we where told they can not give us a 60 day visa!! We where told that we need to get a visa on arrival in Indonesia and extend it.. really annoying.. we got a refund on the money we paid.. there where atleast 4 other westerners also being rejected for the 60 day visa.. one couple even had sponsorship and still got told they couldn’t have it. We are British passport holders and we submitted all required docs including return flights. Thanks for the info.. but appears to be now out of date..

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