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First time getting away from the city, my first spot outside of Melbourne – Dandenong Ranges…It’s green, it’s quiet, it’s beautiful…this is nature! I love Melbourne! I love it as it does not feel like a big city. But going back to nature is always different and relaxing. When you live in a big city, such nature-escapes are important. The other day my friends and i drove to Dandenong Ranges, and it turned out to be one amazing day!

Dandenong Ranges is just an hour drive from Melbourne, it is a national park with a few beautiful lookouts. At the very top there is a restaurant/cafe SkiHigh with a spectacular view of Melbourne! On our way to SkiHigh, we first stopped at Woolrich Lookout. It is as popular as SkiHigh and thus there were almost no people! And I like it this way! Not having people around is perfect to reconnect with the nature, breath in fresh mountain air and sit peacefully for a while. Of course, all after a short photo session.

Our second spot was a touristic and overcrowded SkiHigh spot. There is a parking fee in order to get in, 6$ per car. I must admit, the area itself is not that spectacular. Do not get me wrong, it is still pretty, but it is very touristic and there were way too many people. After walking around for a while, we saw a path going to another lookout – just 1.5km away through the forest. Yes, it is totally worth and yes, you should do it! This had been my highlight of the whole trip! We did not even reach the lookout itself, and stopped on the way at one spot with (an) amazing view. I found a big stone to sit on, where I had a feeling I am all alone with an amazing view in front of me…I basically occupied that stone for at least an hour! Magnificent spot for relaxing, enjoying the view and of course for pictures.

So if you have a spare day and tired of the big city, Dandenong Ranges is a place to get-away!

Smile and be thankful for every moment!

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