Eat on budget in Melbourne


Budget food in melbourne

1. Lentils as anything (Abbotsford)

<Sri Lankan food; pay as you wish>
Vegetarian, non-profit restaurant with unusual concept of pay-as-you-feel for your dining. The idea behind is that everyone deserve to have a decent meal regarding how much money they have. The place itself is really nice, with laid-back atmosphere, beautiful wall paintings inside the restaurant and friendly stuff. Btw, most of the stuff (except cooks) are working here on volunteer basis. Breakfast (which is absolutely amazing and is a must) is available from 9am until 11:30am, lunch from 12am until 4pm and dinner from 6pm until 9pm. Every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday night there is a Ala Carte night where you can order your meal from the menu.

Lentils as anything_1

Lentils as anything_2

2. Crossways (CBD)

<Vegetarian Krishna food; 7.50$>
Krishna place with nice and relaxed atmosphere and great food! Nothing fancy, very simple settings and food serving, but tastes quite good. If you are a fan of simple tasty curry food, you would like this place. What is more appealing is the price: all-you-can eat for 7,50$ (5,50$ for students) for a curry dish with a dessert. Dessert is by the way very tasty. It is a cheap, but decent option for a tasty meal if you do not want to spend lots of money but enjoy sitting down and chatting.



3. Om Vegetarian (CBD)

<Vegetarian Indian food; 6.50$>
All-you-can eat vegetarian Thali for just 6,50$. Food tastes really good. You get 2 different Indian curries with rice and naan bread and can ask for more as many times you wish. However, after second round you might be feeling too full anyways. Naan bread is so tasty here that you hardly can stop at one piece. The place itself is very simple, might be too simple for some…but I like it a lot and it is a good option for budget food in CBD. This place reminds me of India, and I love that country.


Om vegetarian_2

4. Pho Bo Ga Mekong Vietnam (Swanston Street CBD)

<Vietnamese food; average 11$>
Very busy place, no matter when I came there (day or evening) it is packed with people. Lots of Asian customers as well as international students, office people with suits, tourists, etc. Good, cheap food, friendly stuff, fast serving. As in Vietnam itself, you find tea on the table, which is free of charge. Huge bowl of traditional Vietnamese soup, Pho, with chicken (or beef, or any other type of meat) is just 11,50$. Very healthy and yet full-feeling! 4 big Vietnamese rice-paper rolls are 10$; served with tasty peanut sauce. Trust me, those are enough to get you full.

Mekong Vietnam_1

Mekong Vietnam_2

5. THY THY Restaurant (Richmond)

<Vietnamese food; average 10$>
For me it is the best Vietnamese food outside Vietnam I have tried. The place itself is very, very simple, you might even have a feeling you are not in Australia but somewhere else, maybe Vietnam. Food is amazing, especially traditional Vietnamese soup Pho and my favorite rice-paper rolls. The owner and stuff are very friendly and talkative. You can only pay with cash here and it is a bring-you-alcohol place in case you wanna have a beer or wine, you can bring it with you. In the evening the place is very full, but we have always managed to find a spot to sit down. Pho costs 9$, 4 big pieces of rice-paper rolls are 8$.

THY THY Restaurant_2

THY THY Restaurant_2

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