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Most tasty food: my top 5

Indian food

1. India

I absolutely love Indian food! Especially, I love eating Indian food in India! It is a gastronomic paradise for me there! It tastes totally different from the Indian food abroad: so much better! I absolutely love going to small, typical Indian, non-touristy cafes/eateries, where you don’t see tourists, where they don’t speak English! At those places you get the best Indian food! The top Indian spot I have ever been to was in Amritsar! Oh, when I think about it, I am getting hungry! It was one amazing, but  traditional restaurant with the most tasty naan bread and curry ever! Me and my mom literally rolled out of the restaurant, happy and full!
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Melbourne Diary: Fitzroy walk



Fitzroy, Fitzroy…I love Fitzroy so much! Fitzroy is a suburb in Melbourne and a very alternative one…It is said to be one of the hipster neighbourhoods in Australia, mecca for all cool and kooky. Brunswick street is one of the main streets in Fitzroy with lots of design stores, second hand shops, organic food shops, vegan cafes, and rustic restaurants. If you like hipster style, resale shops,  rustically designed cafes, and vintage feeling, that’s the place for you! Read More →

Escape the city: Dandenong Ranges


Dandenong Ranges_1

First time getting away from the city, my first spot outside of Melbourne – Dandenong Ranges…It’s green, it’s quiet, it’s beautiful…this is nature! I love Melbourne! I love it as it does not feel like a big city. But going back to nature is always different and relaxing. When you live in a big city, such nature-escapes are important. The other day my friends and i drove to Dandenong Ranges, and it turned out to be one amazing day!
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Melbourne Diary: CBD walk


CBD Walk

I remember, how I woke up one day in Thailand and took the decision to move to Melbourne. I remember, that I had a dream about living in this amazing city, being happy and feeling at home…I remember how, after that dream, I knew for a fact that I was going to come and settle down in Melbourne. And here I am, three weeks after my arrival here, and I do not regret a single moment of it. I love Melbourne! I love this city for its streets art, relaxed and chilled atmosphere, hipster vibe, modern cafes, beautiful parks and positive energy. Read More →

Most incredible places – my top 5


Monument Valley_new

1. Monument Valley (Utah, USA)

Magical, unbelievable, and surreal! I fell immediately in love with that place! My mind was blown away from that beauty…it just looked so unreal! When the sun went down, the colors changed from burning red to yellowish, creating a feeling of a parallel world. The shadows, created by the falling sun, were paradise for every photographer. Next morning, when the sun rose up behind the cliffs, Monument Valley suddenly had a different touch, covered in burning red colors. I’ll definitely have to go back there, for more sunsets and more sunrises. Read More →

Agung: the highest volcano in Bali


Agung Volcano in Bali

I climbed the highest volcano in Bali and 4th highest in Indonesia! It was long, tought and unbelievably cool: we spent 12 hours at the Mount Agung (from the start until the finish), slept under the sky full of stars, climbed extremely steep cliff (at some places 45 degrees) and observed incredible sunrise from the summit of 3000m. It was he most  physically difficult, but most incredible, thing I have ever done so far! When other tourists had left the summit and we stayed alone, I screamed from happiness! Read More →

Palawan escape: Coron and El Nido



I have started my Philippines adventure with Palawan. And since I did not want to leave Bali and Indonesia in general, I was not planning on writing any posts about that wonderful part of Philippines. When I, however, was looking back at my pictures from Coron and El Nido, I decided to share the beauty of those places with you.  Read More →

Banaue, green side of Philippines



I did not plan to go to Banaue, since I have already seen rice terraces in Bali and though ‘another rice terraces? No thank you!’ But I am so glad I did come to Banaue! Just 8-9 hours bus ride from Manila up to the north and you are in the middle of beautiful green rice terraces. My school friend came to visit me in Philippines, so we went together to explore the green part of this country. Read More →

7-days bike tour around Bali



Bali is not only about expensive resorts, beautiful temples and surfing. Bali has so much more to offer! If you are staying here longer then just a few days for a holiday and want to really see the island, pack a light backpack, rent a motorbike, and go around the island to see touristic and non-touristic spots! You will not regret it and you will love Bali even more! 7 days, 2 bikes, 2 happy travelers and a map full of beautiful spots around Bali. Read More →

In love with sunsets: Bali, Indonesia


Bali Sunset

Do you like sunsets as I do? Bali is said to have the most beautiful sunsets! And I can not agree more! Since three weeks I have been hanging around Bali, mostly Bukit, the southern part of the island. I rented a bike for a month and every day I tried to go somewhere new searching for a nice spot. I must admit, most of the time I was looking for a nice spot to catch the sun! So here are my favorite sunset places around Bukit in Bali. Read More →