Bali: secret beach escape


Bali beach

Few days ago a friend of mine showed me one absolutely amazing place here in Bali. I thought I saw it all, but this place was totally new and totally blew up my mind. One can only get there at the very low tide and stay there only during the lowest tide. It basically means, just one hour in the morning and one hour in the evening (this was the case which tide levels in June 2015). This beach is still sort of a secret spot, not many people around, only few locals and no tourists at all. I am not posting the location here, because I really wish this place to stay secret. Hmm, I doubt that! Nothing stays secret long around Bali. If you wish to know the location, just message me!

I loved that place so much during the first time, so that I decided to go there the following day as well. This time more prepared:  taking my both cameras with me (Canon and GoPro) and going crazy with photographing the scenery around me. I had to be quick, as I only had this 1 hour, during which I had to get to the beach and also back to my bike. And here are the results of my 2-days secret beach eacape! Enjoy!

Bali beach_1

Bali beach_3

Bali beach_2

Bali beach_4

Bali beach_5

Bali beach_6

Bali beach_7

Bali beach_8

Bali beach_9

Bali sea world_1

Bali sea world_2

Bali sea world_3

Bali sea world_4

Bali sea world_5

Bali sea world_6

Bali sunset_1

Bali sunset_2

Bali sunset_3

Bali sunset_4

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