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Grampians national park is a famous destination for exploring nature around Melbourne. In the beginning of January, me, my mom and two of my friends rented a car (check my other blog post for car rental details) and drove off for a two-day adventure to Grampians. I was the only driver, apart from the 3 hours when a friend of mine took over the wheel. I must say, it is quite easy to drive in Australia! The park itself offers number of beautiful lookouts where the difficulty level varies. Some of the lookouts could be reached within a short walk from the car park and some require comfortable shoes and a bit of physical fitness. Overall, everything is easily accessible with signs and trail information. And it is truly amazingly beautiful place to visit!

What to do & see in Grampians

1. The Pinnacle

(Distance: 4.2 km return; difficulty: moderate)
One of the famous lookouts in Grampians, offers a beautiful view over high cliffs, fields and the beautiful lake. It is a 2.1 km one way walk through the forest, fields, stony cliffs, and stairs. I would not call it a hard walk, but it could be exhausting for an inexperienced one. It took us around 1.5 hours to get to the top because we were stopping on the way to take photos and to chill. We took some food with us and had an amazing lunch on the top of the mountain – lunch with a view. On the way back we first took the wrong path (the one that goes in a loop and takes much longer), so by the time we realized it, we have walked quite a bit already. We turned back and had to climb up again to take the right trail. So make sure to check carefully, which direction you go when going back to the car park.












2. Sunset at Reid’s Lookout
Distance: Reid’s Lookout: view from car park; the Balconies (Distance: 2 km return)
In the evening we went to Reid’s Lookout to catch the sunset. There is no need to walk and one can enjoy the beautiful view just from the car park. A bit to the left there is a fence you can climb over to sit on the rock…this way one can feel totally alone, reconnected with the nature. Even though many of those rocks were occupied with people, it still felt isolated, like you are sitting all alone there.
3. Boroka Lookout
Distance: short walk from car park
Next morning we did not manage to wake up for the sunrise, but went to Boroka lookout after breakfast. Another famous spot in Grampians. You know those pictures of people sitting on a hanging rock with beautiful scenery in the background? Yes, that’s Boroka lookout. I know it is bad to do or write something like this, but there is a way to climb over the fence and sit on that huge hanging rock. I loved that spot! As soon as I got to that rock, I felt I am alone there, just me, the rock and the nature around. It is scary, as there is what feels like hundreds and hundreds of meters of a drop es underneath your feet and one can not even see where the ground is. One wrong movement and I could have been flying down. Good that I am not afraid of heights and I love sitting on top of a cliff.
Where to stay
We stayed at a really nice hostel, Grampians Eco YHA, which turned out to be the cheapest we found in that area. Clean rooms and showers, big kitchen with lots of sitting area, 2 huge fridges to store your food over night, and all kind of animals around (chickens, wallabies, peacocks).
What you must not miss
On the way from Grampians (towards Melbourne/Great Ocean Road) there is an absolutely magical, unreal, surreal part of the road. It looks like something out from this world, like a different planet. We pulled over to take few pictures and enjoyed that unrealistic scenery.
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  1. I really like your article, it is really great :) Thank you for the pictures too.
    I also visited the Grampians and it was amazing !

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