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Bali is not only about expensive resorts, beautiful temples and surfing. Bali has so much more to offer! If you are staying here longer then just a few days for a holiday and want to really see the island, pack a light backpack, rent a motorbike, and go around the island to see touristic and non-touristic spots! You will not regret it and you will love Bali even more! 7 days, 2 bikes, 2 happy travelers and a map full of beautiful spots around Bali.

Don’t forget to take with you:
– Hoody or long-sleeve shirt, as it gets cold in some parts of Bali.
– Rain coat for the bike, as it does rain quite a lot in the mountain area. We bought ours on the way to Ubud for 50.000 Rs (~3,5€)
– Sorong, to get inside temples.
– Sneakers for climbing Batur.

Day 1&2: Ubud

We started our trip in Bukit (southern end of the island) and first drove to Ubud. It is not a long drive, but the road is really crowded and traffic is insane. It is regular Bali traffic, if you have been driving around Bali, you will know exactly what I mean. We stayed 2 nights in Ubud, as there are so much to see and do around, and we did not want to rush.

Where to stay:

We stayed in Pande House (Jl. Sugriwa 59, Br. Padangtegal Kelod), 150.000 Rs (10€) for a room with hot and Xcold shower, decent wifi and breakfast. Same street has lots of other guesthouses and homestays, with prices ranging from 100.000 Rs to 200.000 Rs.

What to do and see:

*** Walk around Ubud
Ubud is amazing, magical, and so calm. Especially compared with crazy Kuta or fancy Nusa Dua, there is something truly magnificent about the city. It is said to be the creative capital of Bali. Lots of cozy cafes and restaurants, life-music in the evening, interesting shops and relaxing vibe of the city would make you fall in love with it.



***Tegallalang Rice Terraces
The most famous rice terraces in Bali are in Tegallalang village. Type Tera’s Padi Cafe into Google maps; it will bring you exactly to the rice terraces you see in the pictures of Bali. Just next to that cafe there is a nice viewpoint from where you can take amazing pictures. You can also go down and walk around the terraces. Better to go in the morning or before noon, as first of all it can get very hot during the day, and second the possibility of rain is higher in the afternoon.

Tegallalang rice terraces_1

Tegallalang rice terraces_2

***Campuhan Ridge Walk
This is the most famous walk around Ubud and it’s ranked as the number 1 attraction on tripadvisor. We decided to start very early in the morning to avoid the Bali heat. Beautiful walk, only 2 kilometers one way, very quiet and peaceful. We only met few other people on our way. The walk is quite easy and doable by everyone, as you do not need to hike. We took some food with us and had a nice, quiet breakfast-picnic in the middle of green fields. The walk starts next to the entrance of Iban Hotel and there is a sign showing the right path.

Campuhan Ridge Walk

***Tirta Empul Holy Water Temple
Also known as holy spring water temple, and as the name suggests, it is believed that the water spring emerging from the land is the infinite creation. The pool water is crystal clear and you can actually see the sand moving inside the water, but it does not make it dirty or dusty. It stays crystal clear. It is truly unusual to observe. Tirta Empul is a sacred place for Hindu society in Bali and they believe that this water source can heal different diseases. Everyday the water temple is visited by Hindu people and also tourists to do the ritual and sanctify themselves.

Tirta Empul Holy Water Temple

***Pura Gunung Kawi
It is the oldest Balinese Hindu temple and is carved into the rock. It is one of the least visited temples in Bali, and yes, there were only few tourists around. I really liked this place: very calm, unusual and spiritual. There is a temple carved from the rock and you even have to take your shoes off before entering. One can also see beautiful carving in the huge stone wall, so big that can be only captured with GoPro or wide lenses.

Pura Gunung Kawi

***Goa Gajah Temple
Hindu temple which is famous for its stone carvings and is dated back to 9th century. The temple itself is located in the cave, the entrance is the carving stone and looks like it is carved in the mountain. It is rather a small attraction to see, but it is quite famous among tourist and if you are around and have some spare time, it is a nice spot for visit.

Goa Gajah Temple

Day 3&4: Bedugul

The goal was to drive to Bedugul Village, where the most famous temple of Bali (Pura Ulun Danu Betatan) is located. If you type Bali into google, this is the temple that mostly appear as the search result. There is, however, another great spot to visit on the way to Bedugul.

***Jutiluwih Rice Terraces
Jutiluwih Rice terraces are 40km from Ubud and it is much bigger then those near Ubud. It took us around 1,5 hours with traffic to get there. The place is very beautiful, green and massive. It is not overwhelmed with tourists as the Tegallalang terraces.

Jutiluwih rice terraces_1

Jutiluwih rice terraces_2

Another 40 kilometers along almost empty roads without buses and we arrived to Bedugul.

Where to stay:
We stayed in the place called Sari Artha Inn (Jl Kebun Raya, Bedugul). Very simple rooms for 100.000 Rs. (€7) with no shower (bucket shower with no hot water) and no wifi. Bed sheets were clean and the room itself was also tidy. For 200.000 Rs. you can get nicer room with hot shower, proper toilet and even TV. Hotel is located on the main road between the local market and Lake Bratan. This is the cheapest place around that we found.

Where to catch good wifi:
Just few meters down the road from the hotel we stayed, there is a restaurant called Warung Rekreasi Bedugul with good wifi connection. The best wifi so far in Bali.

What to do and see:

***Abandoned Hotel
Bali has few abandoned places for urbex lovers. Taman Rekreasi Befugul Hotel is a huge hotel complex that actually never been opened. The construction began in the early 90th, and nearly finished, but the project stopped and the whole complex was abandoned since then. There is no exact information about why the project stopped. Some say that the place where the hotel was build is a holy place. The money for the project has been coming from the youngest son of Indonesian president Suharto, Tommy Suharto. Before the construction has been finished, Tommy died. Later his whole family also died. Nobody seems to know why. I do not know whether to believe that story or not, but the fact remains: there is one huge hotel complex in Bali which is abandoned and everybody can get inside. There is no gate or guard. Basically everybody are welcome to come in.

Abandoned Hotel Bali_1

Abandoned Hotel Bali_2

***Pura Ulun Danu Bratan
This is one of the most photographed and iconic Bali temples. This temple is located at the lake Bratan with amazing scenery of mountains around. It is a major Shivaite and water temple in Bali and is dedicated to the lake goddess, Dewi Danu, to ensure plentiful water and bountiful crops. We went early in the morning before the main tourist crowd has arrived. This was one of the most peaceful visit for me so far in Bali. No people, quite, rising sun, calm lake, misty mountains and this beautiful temple. Try to get here early in the morning if you really want to experience it’s beauty.

Pura Ulun Danu Bratan_1

Pura Ulun Danu Bratan_2

(Coordinates: 8°15’28.9″S 115°04’28.6″E)
On the way to Munduk waterfall we stopped at one really nice viewpoint from where one can see the twin lakes. Lake Buyan and lake Tamblingan with beautiful landscapes around can be observed from this spot. The viewpoint is very popular among tourists and many vans and cars stop here on the way to other tourist destinations. We also had a chance to observe wedding photoshoots here. At this point I must say, they do love wedding photoshooting in Bali.

Viewpoint Twin Lakes

***Munduk waterfall
If you like waterfalls and non-touristic places, this is a spot for you. It is kind of hard to find, and there is only one sign we saw to point this waterfall. We have only met another 2 people (locals) there, otherwise we were alone the whole time. The water drops from the hight of more then 10 meter and it is quit windy and loud at the bottom. There is another waterfall just 1km further down the road, called Melanting Waterfall. I, hovewer, have not been there.

Munduk waterfall

Day 5: Mount Batur

What to do and see:
Well…of course climb Batur! That is why people come here. Besides climbing batur, this place has not much to offer. If you come over on your own like we did, there are few things you should know about Batur. Firstly, you can not go up without a guide. There is sort of mafia around the place that makes sure everyone has a guide. I hear that if you do not get a guide, you might end up coming back to you bike with flat tires. The locals around seem to be very pushy and even unfriendly: as soon as they saw us passing by they would turn around, follow us, scream offering us a guide. I must admit this was not only annoying but a little bit scary. At the end we got the guide at our hotel, young and friendly Indonesian guy. It costed us for a group of 4 persons 150.000 Rs (10€) each. All the other offers we got were much more expensive.

Where to stay:
The name of the village just right next to Mt Batur is Toya Bungkah. Name of the guesthouses is Volcano II Bungalows (coordinates: 8°14’56.9″S 115°24’04.0″E). After some search we finally found one decent place, right next to the lake in one quite street. 150.000 Rs (10€) for a double room, good wifi in the restaurant, clean rooms, hot water, affordable prices for the food.





Day 5&6: East Coast – Candidosa

Where to stay:
Adi Homestay (coordinates: I’ll add it later). Run by Indonesian lady and her Australian husband. Very friendly people, clean rooms, most probably the best breakfast I’ve had in my last 6-month travel, cold shower, best wifi I’ve had in Bali. Double room costs 150.000 Rs. The only negative thing I found that it was extremely hot in the room.

What to do and see:

***Besakih Temple
We visited Bedakih Temple on our way from Mt Batur to Candidosa.
Besakih Temple or the Mother Temple is located in the village of Besakih on the slopes of Mount Agung. It is the largest and holiest Hindu temple in Bali, and it is actually a complex of 23 separate temples. We went to Besakih on Sunday and it was full of local people going for the ceremony. First we paid 20.000 Rs for the entrance and bike parking. After we parked our bikes, they tried to charge us for the guide explaining that we are not allowed in without the guide. It is one of the most visited temple in Bali and they do try to get money out of tourists. Since we did not want to pay for something just because we are tourists, we checked google maps and found a way around to get inside for free. We still were not allowed into the temples itself, but went all the way up to the viewpoint from where you can see the whole complex.

Besakih Temple_1

Besakih Temple_2

***Tirta Ganga Water Palace
The water palace is located in Tirta Ganga village, which means holy water from the Ganges. It was build in 50’s and is widely used today. The palace is shaped in the form of garden and is located near natural spring. It is truly peaceful and refreshing place with lots of shaded areas to hide from burning sun. The gardens show mix of Balinese and Chinese architecture. Here you can walk on the water, the platform stones inside the pool are not noticeable from further away and you can literally go around the whole pool area.

Tirta Ganga Water Palace

***Lempuyang Temple
Lempuyang Temple is also called ‘The Temple of Thousand Steps’ is located at the summit of Belibis Hill, 1058 m above the sea level. There is no exact documentation when the temple was actually build. It is by far my favorite temple in Bali, very peaceful and calm. We were there most of the time the only tourists, which I can not say the same for other temples I visited. From the temple gate you can see most amazing view of Mount Agung, the highest volcano in Bali and the 4th highest in Indonesia.

Lempuyang Temple

***Drive around with the bike
After our cultural visits we jumped on our bike and drove around. We passed by very poor villages, drive roads that you can not even call a road, saw different beaches along east coast (which unfortunately did not impress us at all). The east coast of Bali is famous for diving and snorkeling. Beaches are stony, water is crustal clear and one can see lots of fishing boats on the beach. It was definitely interesting to drive around and see something different from Kuta or Bukit. I, however, love Bukit and if I ever come back to Bali, it’s going to be a Bukit for sure.


Day 7: the way back
The road from Candidosa back to Bukit was one of the most enjoyable rides I had in Bali. It is Bali highway: we were quit lucky as there were not many cars and our average speed was 70km per hour. If you like speed and driving the bike, you will definitely enjoy that ride! I absolutely loved it, as there were not that many cars and trucks. Good luck, have fun and enjoy the ride!

Drive safe and explore Bali***

Here is the map of our tour around Bali:

Bali Map

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