Marrakech: my top places to visit

Me and my mom spontaneously decided to escape Vienna cold winter and flew to Marrakesh for 4 nights. Ah, that was the best decision. We fell in love with this city, its warm welcoming people, beautiful colours, Medina streets, smell of fresh spices and oils. We only stayed in Marrakesh and did not have time to explore more of the country, but I know for sure, that I will be back in Morocco one day again. 4 days are perfect time to walk around the city and explore its beautiful places. Here are my favourite spots around Marrakesh. Do not miss those!
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Marrakech and I am in love

This city is full of colours, bright, beautiful colours. But one color will definitely stay in your mind forever as the association with this city – coral red, as the colour of walls in the old city of Marrakech. Ahhh, I am in love with those walls! You will find many other beautiful colours are all around Marrakech: deep blue color in the garden of Jardin Majorelle, silver shiny colour of tea pots, golden colour of lanterns, colourful dresses of women, colours of spices, perfumed stones, teas, pots, plates, jewellery…the list doesn’t end…I don’t remember seeing such a wide range of colours in any other place. It’s magic!
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Nepal: Kathmandu in 2 days

Yes, I finally got to Nepal, a country that seemed so far for me but yet I have always wanted to visit. Unfortunately, I was only able to stay 2 days, as I needed to get back home to Vienna to sort out some family issues. And I had my ticket out of Kathmandu to fly to Vienna. So I asked myself, why not spend at least 2 days to walk around and explore this place that’s completely new to me…
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Nepal: Streets of Kathmandu


Streets of Kathmandu….full of fascinating scenes of local life, smell of incense, sleeping dogs, smiling kids, lots of dust, beautiful & colourful shawls, shops with trekking gear, fake and real North Face puff jackets, guesthouses, restaurants, bars, craftsman shops, meat shops, stones and damages from the earthquake, no concrete roads, destroyed houses, wooden balks to support houses after the earthquake, beautiful gates, colourful house doors….I am in LoVe! I did not want to leave! I will be back!

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My favourite Melbourne

Richmond, Victoria

1. Walking in Richmond

Richmond is by far my favourite suburb in Melbourne. I absolutely love everything about it: streets with cute Victorian style houses, amazing cafes with beautiful interior design and yummy food, Victoria street with many Asian restaurants  for different budgets, numerous Asian grocery stores and markets where you can get fresh veggies and fruits for a reasonable price. Richmond is very close to the city, you can reach the CBD by foot in 30 mins. Read More →

Mt. Agung: the highest peak of Bali

Mt Agung, Bali

Agung, we met again! I did not think I will climb it again. Last year’s climb was amazing, an unforgettable experience, but it also was the toughest and physically most exhausting thing I have ever done! This time, when I came back to Bali and saw the peak of Mount Agung appearing above the clouds, I knew I want to climb it again. This time I wanted to get to the highest point of Bali, 3142m above the see level with 360 degrees panoramic view of the island. 19 hours at the volcano, 30 hours without sleep, amazing sunrise at the highest point of Bali, cold wind and a steep way down. Yes, I climbed Mount Agung for the second time and I loved it.
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Bali, Indonesia: must see 6 Temples

Must see temples in Bali

Bali – the island of more than 10.000 different temples. Several of its ancient temples became Bali’s most iconic landmarks and are worth the drive through Bali’s busy traffic. If you are planning your trip to Bali, you definitely need to visit more than just a few of those amazing temples. Bali’s temples are called Pura, which came from the Sanskrit word ‘puri’, and it means ‘palace’ or ‘city’. Each of these temple is unique in its own way: some are very popular and thus overcrowded; some are less known but they do not lack in beauty or of interest. Read More →

Melbourne Diary: in love with houses

Melbourne architecture

I love Melbourne! I love this city for its cute houses in Victorian style, combined with modern designed buildings. I love Melbourne for the easiness to get around, the calm atmosphere, where you do not feel to be in a big city. I love Melbourne for its incredible cafes, where each place deserves to be at the top of the ‘best interior designed cafes’ list. I love Melbourne for its amazing food culture and meal presentation and always an option for healthy diets (vegan, gluten free, soya/almond milk, etc.). Read More →

Getting Indonesian visa in Penang

Penang, Malaysia

The process to get Indonesian visa for 60-day is very easy and straight forward. I’ve done it last year in Johor Bahru, Malaysian city near the boarder with Singapore. This year, due to my luck of attention to details and forgetting to count the days between my flights, I had to get 60-days visa again. I have heard that Indonesian embassies in bigger cities, like Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok or Singapore do not issue 2-month visa. It was very easy to get one in Johor Bahru, besides the fact that I felt very uncomfortable and unwelcome in that city. So here are some notes on how to get 60-days Indonesian visa in George Town, Penang.  Read More →

Bangkok in 2 days


It was my fifth or sixth time in Bangkok and I just can not get enough of it! I can not explain what is it about this city that I love so much. But every time I come here, I get this feeling, that I wanna live here for some time! Yes, you need good nerves in Bangkok! You need a lot of time to get from point A to point B, because of insane traffic jams. Yes, you need to haggle if you don’t want to overpay, when taking motorbike taxi or tuk-tuk, and yes, you would be still stuck in traffic. Read More →